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Leveraging a worldwide network of elite technology executives and innovation leaders, The Innovation Alliance empowers organizations with cutting-edge innovation capabilities to develop breakthrough new products and services, access new markets, and explore novel business models.

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We’ve been through the hard times of trailblazing hundreds of innovation methodologies and frameworks.

Now let us help you get ahead with the ones that actually work.

What makes The Innovation Alliance Unique?

Tap into the world's most valuable network of innovation leaders.

In our alliance, we work with a carefully selected partner team that draws experience from elite tech firms such as Google and Apple, and academic institutions like Stanford University and Harvard Business School.

This helps your organization leverage best-in-class innovation practices from the technology industry, as well as the latest evidence-based innovation methods from leading academia.


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Our Philosophy

The C-suite takes precedence.

For organizations to become high-performing innovators - aside from the people equation - they must put in place a scalable, repeatable process to ideate new propositions, validate those, and integrate them into the core business.

In order to foster this ecosystem, initial collaboration with the C-suite is paramount.
Leadership air-cover and ample funding are essential to drive outcomes.

True innovation has bottom-line impact

We're biased to talk the language of business, rather than confuse with ethereal innovation buzz-words and theatre.

Experiments, hypotheses and pilots are essential - but ultimately our role is to help turn these into profitable, novel business models for the organization.

Culture is key.
But it’s not the only ingredient

Consider the famous platitude: ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’.

More often than not, this is true.

However, we’ve come across countless organizations that had fantastic cultures, but innovation efforts stagnated due to suboptimal organizational design. Broken bridges from innovation arms to the core business tend to frustrate innovators, as it prevents them to flourish.

An innovative culture dies quickly with poor organizational design and absence of clear processes.

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About the founder

“We’re on a mission to make Silicon Valley’s
innovation strategies accessible worldwide”
Chris Heemskerk

Drawing from over a decade of experience at leading technology firms, including Google and Apple, Chris Heemskerk showcases his vision on corporate innovation by heading The Innovation Alliance, a global network of tech executives and innovation leaders.

As former Head of Scaled Acquisitions for Google in North America, Chris transformed his business operation into a global center for innovation and operational excellence. Hence, he was asked to serve as an advisor to Google's Innovation Lab and established a partnership with Harvard Business School to document the lab’s endeavors in two HBS Case Studies in which he features.

In pursuit of providing organizations the necessary resources to innovate consistently, he authored The Innovation Scorecard™️, a comprehensive framework that enables firms to maximize their innovation capabilities and discover new growth opportunities.

He’s been a sought-after innovation speaker and workshop facilitator internally at Google, including his upcoming external feature at the Arizona Technology Council's CEO Summit of 2023, co-chaired by Honeywell and Intel.

Chris's educational journey is rooted in his passion for lifelong learning. He holds Executive Certifications in Innovation Leadership from Harvard Business School (HBS), and acquired sponsorship to attend the HBS High Potential Leadership Program of 2019. He’s certified in Design Thinking at Stanford University, and holds an MSc in Marketing from the London School of Business and Finance. Residentially, he alternates between Europe and The United States together with his wife and two-year-old son.

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